Our Story

Our story begins at the kitchen table.  Three of us Blooms brainstorming ideas about how we could all be a part of a business together.  My path of Reping women's apparel for 30 years, took me all over the world and allowed me to work with some fabulous manufacturers.  My husband left a 45 year career as an engineer in the Oil Industry to do something totally different with the next phase of life.  My stepson, being the Millennial that he is, has an Economics degree and was the CEO of an internet company with over 50 employees and contractors prior to venturing out into the world of startups.  

After hours of laughter and much discussion we all decided to continue my passion in the fashion industry and build an E commerce Women's Boutique, utilizing all of our diverse creativity to help women feel Elegant with amazing comfort, without breaking the bank. 

Find out more about our journey at Voyage Denver Magazine

We hope you'll enjoy looking through the various fashions we put together, we know you'll love the clothing you receive from our site. 

Thanks for looking us up!!

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