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    Three Blooms Boutique & Runway Consulting BLOG ~ 6/26/2017

    Women - The Shape is Important but Fit is Paramount

     The Fit - throughout history this is probably the single most important aspect to fashion.  The fit of the clothes helps define us and communicate who we are to the world.  Are we laid back totally relaxed? Are we set for action, sleek and efficient in all our movement, ready to attack the world?  Are we no-nonsense, This Will Happen kind of person? Or do we exude wealth and power?  It all comes back to how well our clothes fit and how well do they show off our shape. 

    At the turn of the Century they solved the problem of poorly fitting clothes by helping women change their shape.  By introducing the S-Bend "health" Corset every woman could have the Edwardian hourglass silhouette.  The woman of that era could tighten the corset up enough that the clothes now fit very well and you have that "killer" body.  Great Idea …… wait no, terrible idea, those were so uncomfortable. So in 1908 they improved the S-Bend "health" corset by making it longer, in order to slim the hips as well as the waist all in an effort to get the perfect shape and more importantly fit the clothes.  By 1914 Coco Chanel had popularized the loose-fitting chemise dress - no more corset - YEA!  And in 20's we get the straight lines of the flapper style dress, for those women who didn't conform to this style there was the bust-reducing brassieres.  Too bad guys!

    After the "Roaring 20's when life was good and money to burn came the depression and women didn't have the money to spend on the latest styles.  The fit of the clothes was still king so in 1933 publishers began giving tips for altering the existing clothes to fit the current styles and of course the shape of the body.  The depression came and went and we saw the end to the last "War to End all Wars", the market began to improve again and in 1947 Christian Dior produced his collection of "The New Look" -- Midi/pleated skirts and peplum sweaters and jackets.  Here the newly developed "tailoring skills" really came into play.  Now the shape wasn't as important but, a good tailor could take these new styles and make you look like you owned the world as you walk down the street. 

    And so it goes to the loose fitting "Hippy Clothes" to the mini-skirts, and eventually into the athletic fit and business meeting looks we see so much of today.  Looking back at the past Century we've gone from "shape is king" to realize it's the fit that says it best.  Shape is still important but fit is paramount and we at Runway Consulting have the experience to help you transform your style and image so you "look like you own the world".  Actually a simple little secret says it all, "know your body and become friends with a well-priced alterations specialist".  Going from the Fashion Runway to ready-to-wear clothing won't be perfect, so we suggest taking those styles and looks you love and tweak them to FIT you.

  • "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" ~ Coco Chanel
  • Thank you and enjoy your journey through the pages of our Boutique


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