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Blue, Cerulean, Royal, Aqua, Sky…..Pink, Raspberry, Fuchsia, Rose, Soft Pink…..Yellow….OK, I could go on and on, you get the picture, there are so many colors and shades in our world how can a person only have one favorite color? If you like Blue, then what shade of Blue? Just so this question doesn’t get too simple, does your favorite color change with the seasons, or perhaps where you are visiting in the world? Maybe your mood effects what your favorite color might be. Cerulean is a shade of blue that is my favorite and I’ve found it everywhere I visit in the world, day or night and it is truly the color that brings a wonderful sense of peace to me. What is yours?

Remember back in the 80’s, when “having your colors done” was a must for both men and women?  You had to know your “power” colors, your “happy” colors, etc so you could have the maximum influence over others, and it all depended on your skin, hair and eye color, because it all had to flow together.  Someone told you that you MUST wear a certain “SEASON” ~ well I get all that, (except maybe the season bit) and it just might be true, BUT, somedays I want to experiment with other SEASONS. It definitely helps to have a knowledge of the colors and shades which complement our natural shades as a foundation for mixing in a bit of our OWN flair ~ with that knowledge we can achieve that perfect Match!  And isn’t it truly all about the confidence we exude as we interact with others on a daily basis.  Also, isn’t it GREAT we live in a time where we can have a stylist do our hair color “JUST RIGHT” to fit with our skin and eye colors. Then have a makeup artist play with all the new shades of foundations and concealers to give us a glow like no one else. Look out world here we come – Hello 2017!

On the many days when I wear BLACK, I’ll add a scarf or jewelry with a bit of Cerulean in them to accent my outfit and fill me with smiles. You can do the same with your favorite color to make it your signature!!!

Designers have expanded their scope this Holiday season to not only hit the deepest hues of Reds and Greens but then they switch it up and lay out a beautiful palette of pastels and creamy flavors.

Here are a few looks in a variety of shades to expand your wardrobe or bring in a new shade to your LOOK>


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