What is your "Cocktail" Attire

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  • “Dress Shabbily and They Remember the Dress, Dress Impeccably and They Remember the Woman” ~ Coco Chanel

    You’ve been invited to a holiday celebration and the invitation says Cocktail Party, just what is “Cocktail Party Attire”?
    Here are a few tips for those Holiday celebrations “of all kinds” ~
    The Cocktail Attire
    The rules for cocktail and semi- formal are similar, although you can get away with a little more for a cocktail party because it’s in the evening. While you might wear a pastel dress to a semi-formal wedding in the afternoon, for a cocktail event, you can go for a rich jewel tone dress that’s knee length and beaded. Remember, if the dress has a lot of embellishment then keep the jewelry quiet. If your dress is toned down and simply elegant, go for the “pile on” of jewelry! MIX IT UP!  When the holiday celebration is for work this becomes a great opportunity to make new contacts that you might not otherwise have a reason to do in the day to day work environment.  Here it becomes all the more important for them to “… remember the woman” so dressing on the elegant side is so important, more sheik, less shabby!

    Onto the NEXT ~ The Semi-formal ~
    This is the most flexible type of occasion. Dresses or pant suits & skirts with Silk turtlenecks (Rosemunde).
    Look for fabrics like silk, velvet, and brocade. If your dress is understated, bring out the bling and if it is embellished, keep the jewelry simple. This is the time to get out those GREAT Heels. Simple pumps or a strappy slingback heels are perfect. Then the bag ….. A CLUTCH! Bags with straps (unless it is a chain) do not look as polished!  Remember, if you’re introducing yourself to someone for the first time you want to make a great impression, always wear something fresh that isn’t seen on a daily basis.  Step back and look at the clothes, if they look tired and worn that’s what they’ll see. Fresh and new tells them you’re ready for the next challenge, a little flair and you can handle variety.


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