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Thursday’s DEALS!!!!

Thank you for joining me this First week of Fall! This is my favorite time of year. For us here at Three Blooms, the trees are starting to turn, the mountains have had their first snow fall and women are just beginning to layer up as the temperatures fluctuate so greatly from early morning to early afternoon and back again in the evening.

As the Fall Fashion Weeks are winding down, we are gearing up for another fabulous Fall Season.

Today Three Blooms is offering 15% off on all our new arrivals, just in today! Along with this Special Discount just for you, the first 5 people to order will receive something special in their box! A gift from us to YOU!

At checkout, please enter "ELEGANT" in your discount box to receive the 15% off...

The Tip of the Day:

We all know about layering and packing an extra something to cover up when the air outside is crisp OR the air conditioning still feels like it’s on high, and how much effort it takes so you don’t look like “Nanook of the North” all bundled up.  The Rosemunde tanks and tops are my go-to for this time of year.  They always have an elegant, classy look and the lace really dresses up some of the casual clothes that are so fun to wear.  Here are more great reasons, besides just looking good, that Rosemunde works so well when you need to layer up.

  • Natural Silk & Cotton fabrics will breathe when maybe you aren’t J
  • The exclusive lace treatment gives this tank a luxurious feel and look as it peeks out of your blouse or sweater.
  • Having an elegant garment on your skin will warm you as you look cool and collected during the day and night.
  • Today you can receive 15% off on all Tanks – long sleeve and short sleeve as well as the New Arrivals mentioned earlier!

Enjoy and Thank You so much for supporting us at Three Blooms online boutique…



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