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Three Blooms Boutique has been up and running for two years now and we’ve had some great successes, the things we’re happiest about is the quality of the product for the price and the individualized service we provide from custom shipping overseas, to getting just the right look for that upcoming wedding in a couple of days, to shipping out a couple of looks for the upcoming travel season for that busy business woman who can’t make it into the store for a personal fitting.  We’ve had a blast doing it, and there’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve helped someone out when they’re in a fashion jam and can’t take the time from work to resolve it.  This isn’t anything where the world comes to an end, so to speak, if nothing gets done, but one of those really nice things that can happen because you’ve got someone out there to help with new great ideas.

Three Blooms is entering a new phase of operations and we are excited to announce our partnership with “Runway Consulting”.  Runway Consulting is a small group of like-minded fashion experts who have operate locally to help busy women update their fashion style so they stay fashionably competitive in the business world.  When you present yourself dressed with elegance in an easy manner you not only show respect for the people you meet with but you also come across as someone to be taken seriously.  Runway Consulting will help put together your closet so it’s easy to “grab and go” with a style for the meeting, whether that’s a day at the office or an evening meeting with business or personal friends.  Now with today’s technology Runway Consulting is no longer confined to operate locally and they’re taking their business around the US.

Beginning June 12th please help us welcome Runway Consulting and their fashion styling in areas such as

  • Dress for your life
  • Be excited to walk in your closet
  • No clutter tips
  • Accent your personality
  • Look your best in work or play and everything in between
  • Featured Garment of Choice
  • To be continued ………


Grab a coffee or glass of wine and sit down with our “Runway Blog”

  • Need assistance in clearing out those 2010 styles and adding style back to your closet?
  • How about organizing your closet so the styles just come together more easily?
  • Consultation online or by phone is available so “Let’s Play” then …….
  • Enjoy that box of hand selected styles to pick through ~~ you buy what you like and send the rest back


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