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Choosing a brand to highlight today was a difficult one so, I decided to give you all a taste of 3 Brands from our jewelry accessory Designers.  Chanel has stated: “As you are leaving the house, take off one piece of jewelry”.  At the time it seemed fashionable for everyone to put on way too much and she believed less is more.   Well, we’ve done that and now-a-days I seem to load on more! Expressing one’s self in fashion can be exhausting but finding your style and changing it up every so often can make you feel renewed and refreshed.  Whether your look is clean and simple or expressive and bold, adding and mixing jewelry to your outfit will give a touch of flare that expresses how you feel and possibly a different style for the day.

Here is a taste of the JEWELRY from the Three Blooms online boutique.

3 Angels by designer Colleen Olson:

Colleen exudes Style! In her day to day fashion and life, she transforms Cowgirl Chic with South American flare. When she designs her pieces, style & durability come front and center. When mixing up her beads and silver to charms and leather, she will take the time to weave her magic into each piece.

If you want a blast of COOL to add to your wardrobe try mixing a few styles of the magnificent brand 3 Angels. If you ever happen to run into her she may offer you one of her very delicious cookies too! 



Tres Chicas by designer Gretchen McClendon:

Meeting Gretchen is like running into an old friend whom you haven’t seen forever. Her heart not only oozes out of her but you see it in all of her designs. Being a Texas girl, this brand expresses BIG style. Mixing her beads, charms, gemstones & geodes with leather and silver is stunning and her love of color comes out in her jewelry so that when someone sees it they know it’s a piece designed by Tres Chicas.




Elysian Designs by designer Ashley Keefer:

I was walking the floors of a fabulous boutique in Texas when I ran into this beautiful and unique brand of jewelry. The detail and style Ashley puts into her classic brand is timeless. Her cuffs and wraps stand out among so many different collections. Starting her business in Nevada and moving it to Texas brings another dimension to her designs. When you see the detail of the silver buttons for closure pieces and the embroidered leather used to join her timeless beads, you know it can only be Elysian.

Enjoy your journey with us at Three Blooms online boutique

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