Summer Tips to Beat the Heat

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Runway Rules

Tips & Tricks to Style & Beat this Summers Heat:

From the age of 3 we begin building our foundation through our experiences and learning how to make good memories from difficult times.  From this foundation, we create our own “Style” and the fashion of the season helps us communicate our style to those we surround ourselves with.  As Christian Dior has stated, “Without foundation there can be no fashion”- Christian Dior

What has evolved to become our current fashion sense really began from an exclusive Parisian salon business that catered to the wealthy elite, and then grew into a global industry employing millions of people.  This is an industry which gives us our own personal style and character, and in reality, is only limited by our imagination and our independence.

Each week Three Blooms Blog will introduce new styles, ideas & tips for each of you to enjoy.

Tips for this week have to include the Summers Hottest Looks and how to achieve them:

  1. With the heat rising and our closets getting cluttered – We suggest moving your fall and winter clothing to another location in your house. Store under your bed or find another closet.
  2. WHITE & more white seem to be on every page of the magazines. Invest in those fabulous pants or perfect fitting white shirt. DO STRIPES!
  3. Add a bold color to your palette for Summer and run with it in t-shirts, accessories and sandals.
  4. HATS!! Brims of all shapes and sizes- Remember as the Brim gets bigger, you can show more shoulder skin!
  5. Lastly, find the perfect brand of blotting sheets to dab your face as the glow gets glowing 


NOW- Go enjoy your Day and remember:

“You have to create something from nothing.” – Ralph Lauren


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