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This Spring, Fashion is all about Beauty & Grace, with that in mind we at Three Blooms want you to just free your mind of all the stressful "trends" and "must-buy" statements.  Grab a glass of wine, kick back and browse through our Three Blooms online boutique website where our styles and pairings are always in fashion and make you feel alive and confident.


At Three Blooms boutique we are focusing on the Quality of Brand and Style.  Comfort & Elegance is our moto and that is why we chose Rosemunde silk tanks, Ilse Jacobsen's comfortable shoes, Henrietta Stevenson techno fabrics, Three Dots Simplicity and of course Bloom's self-adhesive bras.


Rosemunde is a Danish brand that oozes grace & beauty.  They pride themselves on the finest silks and exclusive lace.  These are designs that truly will never go out of style and even more important, yarns that will last & last & last.


Ilse Jacobsen is another Danish brand.  Quality construction and ease of design at this level can only be found with Ilse's Tulip shoe.  The recycled fabric stitching, (with no glue by-the-way), together with the natural rubber tread and recycled upper microfiber gives Ilse Jacobsen our vote for Best Shoe in 2020.


Henrietta Steffensen is designed and produced in Copenhagen and is known for their DNA. The True Fleece selection is a collection of the best and longest lasting fleece designs  She has carefully transferred usability, functionality and super style into this exclusive brand “Oeko-Tex”.  Oeko-Tex certified fleece fabric will keep the shape and softness even after continuous washings.


Underneath it all, and most importantly, is the comfort you find in the Blooms self-adhesive bra.  Everyone knows when you've got a binding, restrictive bra underneath these quality elegant and comfortable styles you're distracted and it's harder to exude the confidence you naturally get from wearing elegant clothing.  With Blooms bra you simply forget you're wearing anything at all they're so comfortable. Drop by www.Threeblooms.com for a great experience.


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