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  • Do you like to wear separates or SETS!

    We’re talking jewelry today! Do you like to mix your jewelry’s genre or stay with a single theme? How many of you have more than 3 jewelry boxes? (Or probably should have more)!!!? I can always tell what area of the country a woman is from just by her choice of jewelry and accessories. The West coast prefers a clean and bold look, whereas the East coast leans to Bling and the exotic flavors!  Texas, on the other hand, is its own country because the women there throw away the rules and mix all those genres and manage to look FABULOUS in the process!  For myself, on most days, I fit into a Texas – bohemian style probably a result of growing up in Boulder during the 70’s.  Layering up with different jewelry designers and styles can be whimsical, at times and a challenge at other times, but I find it’s the best way to express my mood for the day or just helps me be more daring at times. But I find it always gives me sense of adventure.  Mixing gemstones with leather or pearls with turquoise can add flair to a monochromatic look and mixing prints with beads and pendants lets everyone know you can be a bit playful and energetic.

    Three Blooms Boutique offers a variety of different designers in jewelry. We like wearing Elysian Designs with 3 Angels and mixing Tres Chicas and Nakamol. With Runway Consulting on the team, we have put together sets and groups of jewelry and accessories for you to play with or give as a special gift.  Want some suggestions for expanding that special look or perhaps defining a new look?  Remember Runway Consulting is here to help build that new look or put some additional variety in your everyday theme.  Take a look below for the Collection of your choice and send me an e-mail if you have some additional ideas you want to explore.  My team is here ready to help!!!


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