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  • Three Blooms Boutique would like to be your “Style for Life Choice”. What is your closet heavy with? Blouses, trousers, t-shirts, skirts, dresses or jackets? When someone describes your style what would they say? Eclectic, Contemporary, Classic or maybe early hippy or just active? Even if you like to mix up your looks from day to day, underlying it all you probably have a fairly consistent style. Some women spend all their time searching for a perfect addition to their look in shoes or handbags, others buy based on their mood in the moment. What do you covet?

    With 3 decades of working in the fashion industry, I have had the privilege of experiencing and living all different kinds of brands & looks. Now that I own a boutique I have an opportunity to share with you an extensive knowledge base and a collection of apparel and accessories to match, Runway Consulting can pull from the varied Three Blooms Boutique styles to build and add to your personality or reach out to access additional styles if necessary.

    For this Thursday’s offering we want to highlight dresses. I love the different brands we’ve chosen for you this Fall season. If you’re looking for that perfect travel dress, you need to look at Animapop. They have the perfect reversible designs & prints you’ll want to take with you everywhere, and it’s 2 in 1 – more for less ~ LOVE IT. Need a dress to add more variety to your weekly looks for work? Rosemunde & Uncle Frank will give you the clean and classic look or a whimsical and bohemian look based on how you add those all important accessories. Are you planning for the seasonal office parties coming up or a celebration of sorts? Then our Lace and satin dresses in Rosemunde and Ilse Jacobsen will really show off your style. We offer sexy to sweet & everything in between. No matter the climate or career we have many designs to look through, many of which you won’t see most places.

    Here are just a few of what we offer, enjoy a few looks!

    For the month of Nov we’re giving you Free Shipping on all orders ~ Thank you for your business!


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