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Tips & Tricks to Style:

Introducing Runway Consulting to Three Blooms Boutique is very exciting for us. After hearing the testimonies of the women who have used Runway Consulting and to see the change in their “Attitude, Days, Life, Husbands smiles” for the better, instantly we knew we could offer this to all women “around the world”.

Runway Consulting brings a woman’s fashion journey full circle. From their earliest awakening with fashion, through each phase right up to the present, sometimes these phases linger for sentimental reasons without us even knowing it. Runway helps people recognize these changes so they can keep the status quo or move on.  Runway begins by helping women organize their closets, for professional style & personal attitude.

In the past a consultant would physically come to the house and rework a woman’s closet, get rid of the old and keep the good, then personally put together a shopping list with the client and shop for her personal or professional updated style.  In today’s electronic age you don’t necessarily need to have someone physically show up at your home to go through the closet.  Through Skype or pictures, our online profile and the internet, we can discuss everything over the phone and help you update your fashion wardrobe in no time and send you that special “Runway Box” to reinvigorate the zest for fashion you once had.

One of the consultants shared with me that when they receive calls, texts, or photos from the women they have helped, they get energized to share this experience with every woman, as illustrated by this testimony.

“OH MY Word, every woman out there should use Runway consulting. My family is so happy for me and them, as I don’t get up every morning and cringe when I have to get dressed”. I called them up today and told them what I was wearing and believe me it is going to go on every day! I am so excited. Thank you again for bringing a smile to my life” – Amber Knus 

At the age of 3 when we began building our character and personality, dressing ourselves was “fun” and “spontaneous”.  Then our teenage years required more thought, time in front of the mirror became a must.  Now all that extra time in front of the mirror has evaporated in favor of kids, work or husband to make fashion just tedious.  Let Three Blooms and Runway Consulting reignite your “zest for dress” and Discover yourself again.

In addition to this “Makeover” of sorts, Three Blooms will take each profile, study your needs and build a “Runway Box” for each client. This “Runway Box” will consist of 5-6 pieces of items which each woman can try on and experiment on her own and decide which pieces she will buy. Three Blooms will include a return label to send the remainder of the items back and you only pay for the ones you keep.

Thank you from Three Blooms Boutique

To receive the Runway Profile, Please email us at

We will send you over the profile guide to fill out and send pack to us.

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