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August means end of Summer and back to school for the kids – of all ages – and stores are stocking up the shelves with cashmere, denim and coats. As I see it, the days are still hot, there is a lot of chicken yet to burn on the BBQ & flip flops are still my go to footwear style!

I am often asked, “what do I wear now?”

When ready-to-wear became a house hold phrase and designers started showing their collections on runways, the inevitable “clock” for the year, was set. Twice a year designers, haute couture, manufacturers and retailers all rev up their move to a NEW SEASON.

2017 is a year to “shake things up”. Not in our world alone but on the runways designers are not immune to the world we are all experiencing, they have embraced the positive in all of it – forget the rules- find your own voice & fight to be heard. The one message right now…. “Free your mind and let your wardrobe follow”.

Seasons come and season go and when you say goodbye to one and welcome the next, celebrate with something NEW in your closet.

Punch up your closet with vibrant prints and a few pieces of STAND OUT jewelry! A cashmere poncho for the cool evenings in bold colors will put a smile on your face and all around you!

Smile every time you open your closet doors! Enjoy ~


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