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Women’s clothing is very diverse. When I look at the different styles, dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, pants, shoes, jewelry, the immense fabrics and cuts of all these categories seems endless.
In our earlier article, we talked about the myriad of choices facing the busy woman every day and how it’s important to have some basic plans laid out for those special days when everything comes at once. Today’s emphasis is on *** PENCIL SKIRTS *** and here also the …..

Choices are never ending …..

I love the range of the “Pencil Skirt”.
The best staple to have in your closet and easiest garment to wear. You can be Tall, short, small & large. This style gives all women a GREAT shape, and what makes it even better for the busy woman is you can through it in your handbag with some jewelry on those days where too much is happening too quickly, and voila you have a whole new look as you go out for the evening. Everyone will wonder how you manage to get everything done and still look fantastic.

The style should hit just above or below your knee. It should also hug your hips right on down to your knees. What make the pencil skirt so great is it can be worn with tennis shoes, flip flops, stilettos or boots. Here’s a few more looks from around the global scene.

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