Monday's With Mel ~ Runway Box !

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Monday’s with Mel ~

The Runway Box Extraordinaire


Has there ever been a time in history like the present time?  The stock market has gone way up then fell back and is well on its way back up over the last 4 months.  Jobs were suspended but now they’re opening back up in totally new ways, the country and the people have shown so much resilience we can seemingly do anything.  So I think we can afford to splurge on ourselves once in a while.  We’re having completely new experiences like learning how to cope with a virus that has spread across the globe, we’ve had to reorganizing our priorities, who we visit, how we visit, how we travel & when we go out. I find that Family, Friends & shared experiences have become so much more important. I am finding I want to spend more & more of the time I have away from the house, sharing with friends & the family I don’t live with and less time walking through department stores in search of an outfit or big sales.

Although, it is nice to try on clothes before you buy, it means I have to take that precious time away from friends so I can go to the store on my own.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a few minutes here or there to find an outfit to change things up without spending hours driving to & from the mall, parking and walking around?  Three Blooms has taken that need into account with our “Runway Box”.  Spend a few minutes logging on our website at, and use the time when you’re unable to get out & about and just browse through our pages. Decide on a couple of outfits, then send us an email, (, of what you want with your sizes  & we will ship the items you selected the next day. Then, what you don’t want, send back with the prepaid postage and we will settle up with you after we receive the box back, for the items you kept.


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