Monday's with Mel ~ Part #6

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Monday’s with Mel

The icing on the cake!

Part 6 of our 6 part series: “A good Foundation is Key”


Summarizing this fun series, “A good Foundation is Key,” we’ve laid out a list of tools to use and reasons for using certain types of clothing to achieve that complete put-together LOOK.  We covered what styles work best for you, what items to wear against your skin to smooth out your figure and provide a clean look.  We’ve given you some resources to research and shop organic and skin friendly textiles along with our offering of some truly fantastic products on our Three Blooms Boutique website

Now, with the holiday’s & gift giving season right around the corner, we’re closing out our 6 Part series discussing how accessories bring everything together. Accessories put the icing on the cake and they are also super for gifts of all kinds for family and friends.  The word accessory is used in many different industries and in each industry, it always means that added option to makes things special from the leather seats for the feel of luxury, to the seat warmers on chilly days.  The fashion industry is the same. It’s that statement handbag, it’s the perfect color shoe to finish an outfit or wrist warmer for those chilly days.  It’s the accessories that make your outfit spark and feel complete.  And when you shop for someone that has everything, a great accessory will be very much appreciated. Because you cannot have enough accessories!!!


When your look is classic or you’re getting ready to head to work, a nice satchel or classic tote is perfect. If your look is for a weekend get-a-way or staying close to home, casual looks are completed with the right handbag and loose jewelry.  For the casual outing, I would pick a Boho bag with Ilse flats or flip flops. The scarf needs to compliment your outfit as well.  Throwing on a winter scarf is one thing but if you want to look complete, make sure it’s of the same genre as your outfit. For example, a classic silk scarf for work is preferred but it’s also great with just a t-shirt and jeans for a weekend pick me up.  The classic winter scarf and mittens are good for functionality and just plain warmth. But obviously, they should be removed when inside. Your handbag does say a lot about the person carrying it. It should reflect your personality, perhaps free spirited and whimsical?? Like the BOHO TOTE! Or are you more of a Classical and elegant type of person in the moment?? The Upright Satchel will be the one you want.

The fashion industry is loaded with so many different avenues to explore. Have a little fun when it comes to your personal look and style. Spend some time leafing through magazines or Pinterest (Threeblooms) to spark some new ideas and put a smile on your face.  Have fun in your closet mixing and matching different looks depending on how you’re feeling that day or how you want to look for a specific event. When you understand the foundation of your wardrobe and feel comfortable stepping out with a style, then just go for it!  I know you’ll feel comfortable and you’ll look absolutely BEAUTIFUL with the looks & tips I’ve shared with you these last 8 weeks.


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