Monday's With Mel ~ Part 3

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Monday’s with Mel ~ Part 3 A foundation to a complete look, Use Organic!


This week we’ll focus on the fabric you wear next to your skin.  Taking care of what we wear on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. Our tips on what to wear for your underpinnings, to the next step with layering is a good start to achieve the perfect put together look and feel. We begin this 3rd step with a Brand called Synergy Organics.  Synergy Organics made the decision to make all their products using organically derived textile instead of synthetically derived compounds.  They produce their fashions carefully under the Global Organic Textile Standards, (GOTS), necessary to be certified as Organic clothing.  You can rest assured that this technique will ensure the fashions you are wearing are the are the cleanest, most compatible clothing you can wear.  Unlike many fashions and manufacturers processes there are no petroleum products used in producing these clothes.  The exclusive blend of GOTS Cotton & Spandex jersey makes the eco-friendly fabric thick enough for everyday wear and stretchy enough for life on the go.  This blend of cotton and spandex also helps your clothing keep its shape after many wearings.  For this reason, we at Three Blooms, wanted to add this brand to our line-up of luxurious products for you to shop through.

Our lives were turned upside down in March with the “lock downs” and businesses were forced to stop. We all pulled out our leggings and sweatshirts on a daily basis as our go to look. Now we are moving back to a more normal society, and I’m seeing more and more women continuing to wear leggings and sweatshirts but now it’s with a fashion twist. It has occurred to me that this new look may be here to stay.  So, I wanted to put together a number of examples of the styles Three Blooms has to offer.  Enjoy & stay healthy!


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