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Much like any other aspect of life, (including Health, Family, Careers, Finances and so on), turning to those who have seen and experienced more than yourself for advice is a wise choice. It is no secret that over the course of your life, the years of trial and error amount to invaluable wisdom that can’t simply be taught. This is true when it comes to building a unique sense of personal style. Let’s face it, style is one of those things, like a fine wine, that continues to get better with age.

I am in my 50’s and have been around the fashion industry for decades. I have seen so many trends, fads, immense growth in technology & moments of sheer confusion that I realize life is a wild ride. I wouldn’t change a thing, except to listen to my body more than I used to.

A good foundation, as we explained last week, starts from the inside out or from underneath to out! The next step to that “put together” look is Layering. As talked about in Beauty, with the different layers of our skin and how to protect and replenish it, the idea with dressing in layers is very similar. When your skin starts packing on the layers, it’s time to microderm, dermaplane or peel those layers off and bring out the youthful, glowing skin underneath. Laying your clothing is an art and much thought and care should go into it like building your look or your personality. Here are some steps to take to layer everything just right.

  1. After you have the underpinnings set, then decide what your look is going to be. Are you dressing for a casual day at work, weekend staycation, a business meeting where you’ll be in front of people or relaxing while you plan your next trip. ???
  2. A casual day at work for me would be layering for the sake of your outfit. Try either simple t-shirts in soft fabrics such as rayon or silk/cottons to go over your cami and self-adhesive bra. You can add a touch of lace to the tee or tank. This gives you options if the weather is warm or just this side of chilly. Then throw on that simple oversized blazer, cropped sweater or cardigan with jeans or trousers to complete your look.
  3. A stay – at – home weekend is the ideal time for those comfy fleece joggers and tanks and sweaters. Your most favorite t-shirt or cami which will make your skin feel oh so good, is perfect. The idea here is to stay cozy and warm. This is the perfect time to wear the Petal pastie.
  4. The business meeting will need some extra thought. Depending on the industry and level of work you will be doing, you’ll want comfort and style mixed together. Now that fall is here, I love the continuing trend of turtlenecks on their own or under blazers or leather cardigans. The key is to look polished and stay comfortable.
  5. Where is your next trip or should I say when……. some of us have started to travel a little bit but next year life will return to normal. When packing for a trip, I always bring enough layering pieces to go under sweaters, cardigans, blazers, and leather toppers. Tighter fitting t-shirts, lace cami’s, slender turtlenecks or button down shirts. Then you can go with 3-4 pieces to top all of these and you are set.
  6. When choosing the right t-shirts, cami’s and turtlenecks, keep in mind you will most likely be layering a sweater, blazer or light jacket over them. Make sure they fit your body well so’s not to add bulk underneath your outfit.
  7. To top off the layered look, it’s never quite finished without a scarf, wrist warmers or maybe even a poncho over your jacket and sweater.

As with clothing, your jewelry should have the same importance. AGAIN, layer. I always do the 3’s whether it be bracelets, necklaces or rings. “What is your go-to number?


Here are a few layering pieces has to offer.



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