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On this weeks, Monday’s with Mel, we are continuing the Theme of “Comfort”.

These days we not only work at home, teach our kids their lessons at home, but we’ve become chefs on all levels, and we’re reinventing our wardrobes and the styles we used to have to fit our new way of life. We are truly experiencing a new way of living. The last couple months have taught me a new way to “dress for success” and live the American dream in a more relaxed way.

Embrace and enhance this new norm with underpinnings from Blooms Bra. I’m finding I’m reaching for the Blooms Petal, (nipple cover), to replace my regular bras these last few months.  I wear these under my tanks, sweatshirts, blouses, or whatever is in style for the day. Since our Blooms Petals is washable, (in the sink with soap), I can easily wear them every morning.  Shelf bra tanks and cami’s are the perfect pairing with the Petal. Every Cup size can benefit from this “Bra”. For those occasions when you want more support or more shape to your look, pick the “Freedom” Bra. This is a full coverage, self-adhesive, strapless & bandless bra or perhaps the “Hello Girls” push up bra with extra padding should be your choice.

All Blooms Bras will add the comfort and shape you’re looking for in today’s “New World”.


The Petal

This Petal shaped nipple cover is a silicone product with medical grade self-adhesive. These petals are washable using a mild & non-perfumed soap which allows you to wear it more than once. Just remember to thoroughly rinse the soap off and set it aside to air dry.  I love to wear these everyday with my Rosemunde tanks and cami’s. Feeling comfortable is no longer an option but a requirement for my New Normal in style and personality. 



Our Freedom bra is made of a poly blended fabric to give it a soft and smooth feeling. The inside of the cup also has medical grade adhesive, like the Petal, and is washable for multi-wearings. We’ve made a significant improvement over the traditional self-adhesive bra by removing the adhesive around the sensitive nipple area of each bra.  We’ve found this makes the bra’s more comfortable and makes if easier to wear every day.  Finally, the clasp doesn’t just bring the two cups together to hold your “girls” in place but when the cups are strategically placed on the “girls” you can lift and enhance them even more. Just remember to wash this bra after every use at the end of the day, the same way as the Petal.


Hello Girls

This push up bra is made of the same poly blended fabric and medical grade self-adhesive product as our Freedom bra. We have increased the padding on the adhesive side of the bra to give you extra size and lift and like the Freedom bra we have remove all the adhesive from around the sensitive nipple area. This bra is also washable like the Petal and Freedom allowing for many wearings.

The Freedom and Hello Girls bra gives the woman style, shape, versatility & comfort every day.

Express yourself in today’s world with the comfortable, breathable bra options that will make you feel complete.


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