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Monday’s with Mel ~ Part 5


The Basics for your Foundation

Over the next couple of installments of Mel’s Foundation series, I’ll be tying together all that we have discussed.  A pivotal aspect of always having a “put together look” is having a good supply of “Basics”.  Most of you already have a good supply of “Basics” in your wardrobe but are they gathering dust or are you utilizing them every day?  What do I mean by the term basics?  If you’re like most people, we consider the comfy and easy “go-tos” that we quickly grab each day as our basics.  Typically, these “go-tos” stand on their own and don’t mix well with other types of fashion.  In the fashion industry the basics are the staples in your closet which will either start the outfit you are wearing for the day or they complete the outfit, and they are items with a lot of flexibility in terms of looking good with a variety of other clothing.  Reviewing the last 4 steps of our series, I spoke about underpinnings, (Blooms Bras), layering pieces, what we put on our body and what’s friendly to wear on our skin!  Here I’m going to list a collection of pieces that will add to your wardrobe in a fundamental way.


First is your black pair of pants. Women have worn black pants for over 50 years, from trousers to leggings, flared, straight legs, it doesn’t matter, this is an item that you can wear 3-5 times a week. They are perfect for your work attire, your weekend excursion or even jazzing it up for a night on the town.  Just make sure they are not thread bare or pilled.  Your basics should always be in tip top shape.  But wait!!  You say black just isn’t your thing and you don’t really have black pants in your wardrobe.  Consider it this way, the black pants should be considered your canvas with which to create a beautiful picture.  It virtually goes with anything so if you like the bright and cheery colours then add those as you layer up.  I’m betting the contrast will look fabulous and serve to bring out the bright colours even more.  Here’s our choice for Fall 2020.


The 2nd item out of the gate is your white top.  This can range from a crisp button down to a lacy Tee or a blouse, depending on the occasion.  You can finish a work outfit with a white shirt or Tee or dress it up for an evening out or pair it down with leggings and tennies. Like the black pants this item should always be in tip-top shape.  It must be clean, void of stains and yellowing under the arms is a no-no.  When it comes to pilling, there are easy solutions to remove these annoying little balls.  A razor blade or de-pilling machine are the best, depending on how steady your hand is, one might be a better choice than the other.  You can get a de-pilling device at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, or any fabric store.  I like this Basic because, as crisp and clean as the item is, it lends to YOU a stylish feeling!

Our 3rd Basic is a good pair of jeans.  We all have a few of these on hand. 😊 This is a style we all seem to collect throughout the years. YES - always keep the ones you can’t part with because, as we all have learned, the style will come back around.  However, for this style to be considered a “Basic” it must be part of the TREND for that season.  What I mean by this is, we are now in the middle of Fall 2020 and I have been seeing a lot of different looks, but the one look which stands out to be a trend is a classic straight leg jean with a little higher waist and a clean, (not distressed), front.  So, if you have a pair of bell bottom jeans you might want to wait for a different year to consider these in your “Basics.”  Three Blooms offers a version of the classic straight leg with our Oat Ankle leg.


Our 4th & last pick to be a part of your list of Basics is the LBD.  I love this one because my go to color is Black!  We have all learned throughout the years that on occasion we need a Little Black Dress for a dinner party, a work meeting or interview and the best piece to take on a trip because, it is always a fashion Trend.  What is your LBD style?  This is another item that I have accumulated over the many years. The classic style can always be updated with whatever piece you might pair it with.  A trending blazer, jean jacket, shawl and just some great accessorizing. Again, go through your styles and make sure that they are in tip-top shape, they look clean and pressed or steamed. This might be a look you need at the spur of the moment.

All of these picks are styles that do need maintenance and seasonal try-ons.  Sometimes a great opportunity comes up and when that happens you won’t have time to worry about what it looks like the day you wear it. It’s always best, concerning the basics in your closet, that you know how they fit, that they’re clean and ready to wear at the drop of a hat.

We hope this has given you some new tips or knowledge about what you have in your closet and what can make or break the feeling and look you are going for.

Thank you and ENJOY!


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