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Monday’s with Mel

“All in the Family”


From the Dorn family, (Great Grandparents George and Agnes), who owned and operated The Dorn Mercantile in 1900 to an Ecommerce boutique by the name of Three Blooms, in 2020. That’s a full 120 years of “small business” in the fashion industry, imbedded in our family and let me tell you everything looks and feels way different today than it did in 1900.  But America is the land of opportunity for those who have a desire and are willing to try new things and take chances.  We at Three Blooms have made a number of changes and we continually try new products to bring you – our customer – in the form of great variety and great quality at the best prices.  Check out our latest addition into the world of comfort and easy wear, the Blooms Bra.  With three, soon to be four, varieties for different situations and opportunities.  We believe America has given us the opportunity to grow and prosper provided we can take care of “our customer” with that personal touch the Dorn Mercantile was known for.


Clothing of the late 1800’s was uncomfortable by our standards today – to say the least – but when my great grandparents started their Mercantile, there were two things they recognized were upper most in the success of their fledgling business, Quality & Exceptional Service must come above all else. Their Shop, by-the-way, was in Newton, Illinois.

My great grandmother, Agnes Dorn, stands here on the left with her cousin showing some of the fashion of 1900.


Fast forward to 2020 and, yes, times have sure changed but the idea and passion of owning a small business to offer people the quality and service they themselves would like has been around for Centuries.  We’re here to tell you as long as the US is around that passion will continue to thrive in easy times and difficult times.  Thanks for reading this and a special thanks to all those who have visited Three Blooms.


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