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Monday’s With Mel – First of 6 blogs on How to look and feel complete.

#1 in our series is titled “A good foundation is KEY!”


A good foundation is the key to making our outfits look smooth & finished. As an artist once told me the canvas is as important as the painting itself. I know most of you have heard “it’s what’s inside that counts”, well, that’s true for all things.

For me, I can remember my “Nana” telling me the key to living a long full, and complete life is having a strong foundation.  The best way to achieve this strong foundation is: eat clean and dress “clean.”  Looking back, she was right, and I wish I had asked more questions of this wise woman.  She is the daughter of my Great Grandmother and Grandfather who started Dorn Mercantile back in the late 1800’s, who also had a good strong foundation.

In terms of day to day fashion starting with a good bra & panties prepares everything else for that fabulous, put together look we all strive for each day.  If the bra is worn out or doesn’t fit all that well it shows through and can give you a “rumpled” look.  Starting with the bra, if you need to wear one try the self-adhesive strapless bras if you can, (some of us unfortunately can’t).  The strapless give you a much cleaner look without a lot of expense, otherwise get a good quality bra with a band and straps that fits you perfectly. A good bra fitter at a boutique will help.   If you’re shopping alone or don’t have access to a good boutique, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Whether using a strapless bra or conventional bra your size matters. Most times a woman purchases a bra with cups that are too small and/or a band that’s too large.
  2. When trying on a bra, lean forward and pull your breast into the cups. This insures you fill the cups eliminating side explosions.
  3. The band will also fit better as a result. Always start out with the hooks on the end of the band to give a cleaner look but also, so you have room to adjust as the elastic loosens over time.

The best way to achieve that “clean put-together” look is use a self-adhesive bra.  This eliminates the “side explosion” problem, eliminates the question of the correct size band and, when correctly sized, eliminates that annoying “bra-edge” that seems to show up whenever you wear that classy silk top.  At Three Blooms boutique we’ve designed a better self-adhesive bra called simply Blooms Bra.  As a former sales rep for a couple lingerie companies, I found the self-adhesive bra, for some, makes the outfit look cleaner and the woman feels better.  A benefit of this is no more pulling of the band or adjusting straps throughout the day.  A definite win - win for me, I feel free and clean all day.

Now that you’ve got the top half taken care don’t forget the panties. You do have a choice. When wearing trousers or jeans, opt for the thong or g-string style. This smooths out your bottom and make the clothing hang better for a better shape. When wearing a dress or skirt, I go for the seamless hipster panties or seamless bikini’s, or just try the plain commando style.

Next up, before finishing, you’ll need that extra smoothing piece some call the “sausage casing”. I like to call this underpinning my friend! There are many brands and styles out there to choose from. If you wear jeans or trousers, pick a stretch body suit, stretch silky fabric body suit or cami, to smooth out your waist and hip area. This further smooths out any bra and helps your top hang better. Wear the cami inside your trousers.

Wearing a dress or Skirt? Pick a slip which will slim you from the shoulders down. Even with skirts, I like to wear a full or dress slip, under the top and bottom because it’s easier and less material under the outfit.

At Three Blooms we offer the Rosemunde Brand in cami’s and slips because the quality is excellent and softness is unsurpassed. The added touch of eyelash lace makes me feel elegant and pretty and I’ll bet it does for you as well. The percentage of stretch spandex used in their fabric makes for a comfortable fitted look.

If your outfit demands stockings, then go for it! Yes, these silky beauties are still in fashion. Transparent or opaque. Tights or leggings. Go for it!

Now you’re ready to put on your favorite look. Starting with this base you can’t help but come away looking “clean and put together” - your beauty comes from within and underneath


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