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A brief walk down memory Lane ... Whatever the “Look” is, it represents a reflection of the fashion and an individual’s style at that relative moment in time.  It has changed significantly over time, but always incrementally.  Some styles stick around for a few seasons and others are gone as soon as the season is over.  When fashion is looked at in a historical perspective you can see how it reflects the societal mores, current technology and locale as far back in time as 2,500 yrs ago.  The fashion industry has evolved into an international industry employing hundreds of thousands of people in a variety of jobs, from design to modeling, manufacturing and production to advertising and news. 

It’s fun to look at how styles have changed over the years, from the hopes of the late 1800’s to “Starched 50’s” with crisp shirts and pleated skirts, pedal pushers and cardigan sweaters, where everything was colour coded and matched carefully.  This morphed into free flowing, free spirited 60’s where the rules were thrown out the window when the “Hippy” movement began.  Hip Huggers w/ the wide flared bottoms, (I still love the flared jeans), floor length skirts, paisley prints, flowers, and plaids all mixed together.  Twiggy and Laugh-in became hits with the shift dress and anything goes attitude.  From here we progressed to the 70’s with the Polyester suits and wedge boots.  The 80’s were a bit crazy as we attempted to incorporate technology in our lives while hanging on to the 60’s.  I remember shoulder pads, reminiscent of days gone by, big hair, and cheesy seemed to describe all of it.  Move over 80’s, the 90’s are coming.  The Grunge style made a big entrance with flannel shirts, ripped jeans, “mom” jeans, Doc Martens, combat boots and band t-shirts.  Hmmmmm, decidedly more casual, remind you of an earlier time? 

Then came the turn of the Century. The stock market was flying high and Wall street was on a tear.  Everything was going great and then the unthinkable happened….  Our country went through the worst terrorist attack from an outside force we had ever experienced.  The date was Sep 9, 2001. The world stopped to assess what had happened. Our eyes turn to News channels and talk shows. The “Look” became more of a traditional casual and crept into the office, except for wall street and east coast law offices, where it’s still formal. Men and women became more casual in their dress for work and in their day to day life.  Discount big box clothing moved into small towns and the “Look” moved from Trendy to “comfort is key”. Dressing down was now the norm everywhere. Seemed like no one bothered to get dressed for dinner or plays, no one cared what they looked like anymore and I didn’t care for this trend in the least. 

Fast forward to 2020. WOW, what a change!! We’ve become more proficient at incorporating the latest technology into fabric design and clothing design. Women and Men are having fun with different looks, designs, textiles & media.  If you ask people, they’ll tell you they really “don’t care about fashion” or others say they “love it and love to express themselves daily”.  With the changing styles and new technology even those who tell you they don’t care about fashion are really deep in the mix whether they like it or not. Style is a necessity, “Like it or not” ~ So let’s LOVE IT!

Today our world is so much smaller thanks to technology, travel & social media. Within seconds we can see what is happening on the other side of the world at any time of the day or night.  Twenty to thirty years ago the population was looking at the entertainment industry to see what the “Look” is for the season. Classic, conservative dress is filling the airways. I take from this, women of today want a clean, beautiful, simple “look” to go about their day to day lives. This “Look” screams confidence and respect. We all want that.

As the old commercial used to say: “We’ve come a long way baby” (a woman’s voice speaking over the picture), and so we have!!!


No more hoops, Doc Marten’s, mini skirts, just comfort AND the ELEGANCE of Rosemunde, Cienna, Oat and Ilse Jacobsen, not to mention the convenience.

I want to share a few looks from Three Blooms Boutique that can be a guide to what to shop for when you’re ready to update your “Look” or just play in your closet.


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