Monday's with Mel ~ 7/13/2020

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This week on Monday's with Mel I want to take a closer look at Rosemunde.  Three Blooms has been carrying Rosemunde since we opened our doors in June 2015.  We made a commitment at that time to provide our patrons with the best quality product available at a reasonable price where the best quality includes unique, appealing designs and "top shelf", high tech fabrics.  There's a reason Rosemunde has been featured in our online boutique all these years, their design and fabric are among the best and you all have kept up the demand for the product. 


The Rosemunde brand is designed in Copenhagen Denmark, and we've found it to be one of the more luxurious, comfortable and well thought out designs in the marketplace.  Their design finesses a luxuriousness with functionality, the result is a sense of confidence that you look great and always "put together" whenever you include Rosemunde in your ensemble.  They have accomplished this effect by using grade 4A silk and cotton and using the latest technologies for making the various yarns and threads like cashmere, poly, rayon, viscose & others.  The lace you find on the various tops are unique to Rosemunde, who carries the exclusive naming rights for these products. 


With Rosemunde in your closet you are set to go casual luxury or "5-star" dining, whatever the occasion calls for.  In our busy lives these days that’s important.  Here are a few photos of the very products we carry in our store today.  As you look through the pages of Rosemunde, you'll see the quality I talked about in the fabrics and lace unique to this fabulous company out of Denmark.


Over the next couple of months our pages will be filled with Rosemunde cashmere pants and sweaters along with Rosamunde's very popular and exclusive lace T's and tanks.


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