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Monday’s with Mel


Like last week, this week's question also focuses on those women who understand the nuances of daily, affordable fashion:

Why is it that some women are always just put together?

Do any of you know someone who always comes to a meeting, coffee, lunch, out with the girls or shows up at the grocery store looking perfect & never seem to break a sweat doing it? I have a few friends who fit the bill & it is effortless for them!  I know!!  Since I get asked this question all the time, I went directly to “those” friends for the answer.

With our weather warming up and the cities and towns slowly opening up, I thought it would be the perfect time to discuss some tips on how YOU TOO can be that confident, put-together women any time you want.  How many of us have cleaned our closets, organized and pitched old clothes during this quarantine? For you, a few of my tips will be perfect.  Side note - remember to always clean and organize your jewelry as well, especially before each of the big seasons.  You'll always know what you have and then easily grab that perfect complement to your outfit anytime!

  1. A little goes a long way:  Every Industry has some version of this concept.  I believe it was Coco Chanel who said the minute you are all dressed and ready to walk out the door, take 1 item off - PERFECT!This is my lead for throwing on that 1 piece of jewelry to make any outfit look complete. Whether you are wearing jeans, a Tee with tennies or flipflops, take a necklace, stand-alone earrings, or perhaps a stack of bracelets…pick 1 category and you're set. My go to, with cutoffs and a Tee, is a beaded leather and stone necklace a friend had given me a few years ago. It's truly a cherished conversation piece! 😊 What will yours be?  Make it something that brings you a feeling of happiness and an Awesome memory! Not only will you feel good, YOU'LL look put-together.
  2. The platform defines the look: In fashion the platform is the footwear – no matter where you're headed…across the street or across town – the shoes you wear tell a lot about the person. Comfort in style is becoming the goal.  Without the right kind of shoes you either have comfort or style.  The Ilse Jacobsen Tulip is the right kind of shoe.  It is at home in the office, with a skirt and blouse, or at the ball game in jeans and a Tee.  For those more casual trips I recommend the cheerful Ilse Jacobsen Flip Flops.  They look great and feel even better. Easy style and comfort are the #1 priority and these 2 staples are my "go-to" for looking put together!
  3.  Canvas presents the picture: Isn’t it true that once Spring and Summer hit, the dress becomes a daily choice to wear anywhere?  It either says don't put restrictions on me, I'm comfortable and life is free flowing or I've got business to do but I'll do it in comfort without restrictions, especially now in the POST LOCKDOWN era.  When I put on a dress, life just runs smoother. It's truly a mindset! By now most of you have reorganized your closet for everything Spring and Summer, so grab that dress you're comfortable wearing and go get your hair done or a visit with your friend!  Put on a comfy pair of Tulips by Ilse Jacobsen and off you go completely put together!


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