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Monday’s with Mel


Today is the first day of my Monday’s with Mel. I decided to create a weekly fashion/style blog after collecting a file of questions women have asked me during my 30 year career in the fashion world. The questions mostly began with “Why” or “How” and it would expand from there.

We are certainly living in UNUSUAL times right now. A lot of businesses are charting a new direction and a different way to look at our fashion needs and wants seems appropriate for this new “uncharted” territory. We’re now into our 4th month of this new time and although we’re dressing differently, for the locale, I see women are still asking similar questions regarding fashion trends and filling basics needs. We are home, no need to “dress the part” for work, lunches, happy hours or celebrations. Now our FUN clothes seem to just collect the dust. I’ve gone through my spring clothes so many times, looking to wear something different that’s comfy & not too dressy, but I am always back at the beginning telling myself, “Well, the jeans and T will work yet again today.” I gets tiring and I haven’t even done anything.


To start the first Monday with Mel…. 2 main questions of Why and How are at the front of the line.

Today’s question is: “Why do women do the French Tuck with their tops?”


This Trend really started about 2 years ago. All the magazines, catwalks and Instagram influencers would be sporting this look. When I talked with customers about the various season’s collections, undoubtedly half of the women would throw me the question “What’s up with tucking only a finger’s worth of your shirt into a pair of jeans and skirts?  Good question! I decided to do a little test of my own to find out WHY? Now, believe me after the age of 54 and full on menopause, my waist is gone. So, I started doing the “French Tuck” with everything I wore.  The response I got from family and friends answered it all.  The would say things like: “Cute top” or “You look good” – little did they realize I was actually wearing the same outfits as usual, but with the French Tuck I was changing up my “lines” and now instead of that straight line-frumpy look I had a more refined new look.  When I tuck in just a portion of a shirt that normally hits me at below my hip bones, “the frumpy look”, now my eye goes to my waist instead of the “ever-expanding” hips.  I saw the shape of my body transform. I finally had a waist without the large hips, the shirt still helps conceal that aspect me. I got my answer. Now you can see why this is such a perfect TREND!

No matter how it started…As a trendy look for thin young gals or a measured effort to make outfits look more complimentary, it doesn’t matter. TRY IT!!! See how you look in the mirror and see the reactions you get from your friends and family.

Also, try the tuck in different areas. The belly button, above your hip bones or maybe the entire front of your torso. Grab the look you like! Now then, there will be tops were this will not work, like the peplum blouse or tunics.  But play around with the look and I bet you too will find your go-to tuck.


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