Monday's Picks ~ March 5, 2018

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  • As we continue our weekly Blog about the styles chosen for our Monday Picks, we will look at the denim for its variety, comfort and uniqueness as well as the Rosemunde lace dress for its elegance. Looking back to last Fall when the weather was just turning cold and the leaves were bright with color and falling, Runway Consulting and Three Blooms broke down the top 10 looks for that week and chose 1 - 2 outfits that would stand out and share our reasons and tips with you as to why these special looks were picked for you.
    Someone asked me today, if I’d always had an interest in fashion and that took me back a bit. I picked a career in the fashion industry back in 1982. Before that, I loved to look through fashion magazines and play up my clothes every night to put together my weekly picks. My schooling in Paris and years in the wholesale industry taught me a lot about the history of fashion and the actual day to day dealings with Ready–to–Wear. My passion for textiles continues to this day and for this season we at Three Blooms are excited to add a knit wear company to our pages. Wooden Ships is a knit wear company based out of Bali, Indonesia. The fabrics and yarns they pick for their sweaters and accessories are “top of the line” and one of the few manufacturers who meet Three Blooms standards, in my opinion. The biography of this amazing company will be highlighted in our next “Brand Picks” BLOG.
    Today’s Monday picks are targeted at comfort & elegance: Three Blooms Boutique Mission Statement.
    Denim is a standard item every woman needs to invest in and represents our “Comfort” emphasis. Three Blooms has been impressed with a couple of different styles from Silver. The Kenni Girlfriend is a flattering style on all body shapes and, being a cropped jean, is ideal for Spring and Summer. Pair this jean with a Rosemunde Ribbed tank and Wooden Ships Cardigan, throw on some beads and you are set for a classy, casual work day or weekend uniform.
    Our second pick emphasizes “Elegance” and is the Rose Dust lace dress by Rosemunde. The lace dress with Rose Dust slip underneath is a match for the tonal layered effect. I wanted to add a bit of comfort to this look, so I grabbed my favorite jean jacket and off we go! Our Jean jackets will be coming in July if you want to wait. Otherwise go to your closet and grab your favorite jacket. This Dress is also perfect for those Spring and Summer weddings that are already filing the calendar.
    Enjoy our PICKS below and Remember, Monday’s Picks come with DEALS! These 2 looks come with a DISCOUNT CODE “Monday” for 15% off !!! if you purchase the complete outfit.


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