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Monday’s with Mel

Henriette Steffensen




We’ve reached the mid point for the summer in this most unusual year. The days are just beginning to get shorter, but there’s still time to get a little vacationing in before we prepare for the new school year and a new kind of busy takes over.  We’ve been highlighting different brands each week to give you a flavor of why the quality of the brands are so high and what makes them unique from all the others.  This week is focused on HSCPH and their line of super soft fleece and jersey products.

HSCPH is a Danish design company founded in 2003, and owned by a very creative head of design, Henriette Steffensen. Passion for a sustainable lifestyle, love of creativity and a no waste approach to almost anything, are the core values and drivers behind every creation coming from Henriette.  What does it mean to have a “No Waste” approach clothing design and manufacturing?  HSCPH has found a way to utilize every scrap of material in their creations so there is less pollution.  By dedicating their approach to creating a simplicity in the design, this brand keeps its promise of a long-lasting relationship with you in a wide range of super soft fleece and jersey designs.

Three Blooms Boutique chose this inventive brand because of the research that goes into the carefully picked fabrics and the care that goes into creating the products Henriette offers. The fleece fabric is my favorite and the high quality you see in the product is the result of years of research and innovation.  Mine still looks fresh and new even after all those washing, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. All production for HSCPHl takes place in Europe at carefully selected factories. The Oeko-Tex certified fleece will keep its shape and softness after continuous washing. The styles I picked for Fall 2020 are easy and wearable anywhere you plan to go. The ponchos are luxuriously soft and durable! Easy dressing is a must for this Fall 2020. We also are offering the Trendy wrist warmers! The 2 styles (ponchos and wrist warmers) will finish your look this Fall!

Enjoy this week’s BRAND pick for Monday’s with MEL ~


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