Mix up the best underpinnings ~ Rosemunde & NUBRA ~ Thursday's Deals

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Thursday’s Deals & Tips:

With a purchase of Any Rosemunde take 20% off a NUBRA of your choice!


As I sat down to write this Blog, my heart was heavy after all the devastation in Las Vegas. To be involved in or near a tragedy of this magnitude can be a life changing event.  But, I remember & want to shout out to how resilient we in the US are.  We get hit hard and it seems we bounce back even stronger.  You need not look any further than those who jumped up to shout “We’ll help!!” and then they went to work helping anyone and everyone near them who needed it.  It happened earlier this week in Las Vegas and earlier this summer in Houston, Florida and now in Puerto Rico.  We here at Three Blooms lift up all those impacted by these tragedies in our Prayers.       

What to say………….?????

As Thursday arrives, I get excited to spread the Three Blooms mission of offering the very best in comfort & elegance to all women around the world. Our Thursday deal is our way of sharing this passion with you.

We believe once a woman wears the Rosemunde brand they can’t go back to just any other Tank or T-shirt. The fabric alone keeps you coming back for more. 70% grade 4A silk with 30% cotton makes this shirt so comfortable on our skin with the Lace adding that touch of elegance like the icing on the cake. I discussed the Rosemunde quality in earlier blogs and the one technique that always stands out is how the company knits these elegant tanks on a tube to eliminate seams and blocking. You can wear this ribbed tank with ease all day. A garment made without seams holds its shape longer while the fabrication also lets your skin breathe, eliminating that stuffy feeling. What a compliment to women! Comfort & Luxury are the words that describe this brand. Mix it with the Nubra ……. and a woman is Hooked!

Three Blooms offers styles of the Nubra you can’t buy anywhere. From the Seamless motifs to our Nubra Bandeau & the pasties just for starters. Scroll through the many styles we offer under the Brand Nubra.  Nubra uses Medical grade adhesive in all their bra’s so you can be assured this company holds nothing back in giving you a quality bra that simply outlasts their competitor. A bra that offers a woman the function of coverage and support all day long for at least 100 separate wearings is spectacular! I LOVE NUBRA!!!

Tips & Tricks:

*Wear Nubra under any garment to feel like you have support without binding straps and bands

*Wash Nubra under tap water with a mild soap and let it air dry. Then the next day you can wear it again!

*Wear this Bra under all your Rosemunde tanks for a clean look

*As you crawl into bed you may forget you are still wearing the Nubra and Rosemunde tank. THEY FEEL SO GOOD!

*It’s that time of year to layer! Nubra and Rosemunde are just the start…


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