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I want to take you on a stroll down memory lane. For some of us, our memories about fashion can take us as far back as the turn of the century or just a couple of decades. I remember talking with my grandmother years ago about her fashion background and a quote she said stuck with me…”back in the day when our closets were called “ wardrobes” a women was lucky to have 5 pcs of apparel in it”. I will never forget this. My grandmother was a seamstress and boutique owner back in the roaring 20’s. OH, to have her dresses from back then, what I would give…..”Less is More” she would say to me even before it was a “THING” to say. Simplisity is a gift we have to give ourselves.

With this in mind, when I go work in so many different closets and see racks upon racks of clothing, to that individual, means the world but I look at it and cry. As women we form memories, then we form our must haves & then I say to some “THIS MUST GO”!!!

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and she asked me “what can I do with all my clothes that do not fit because I have put on weight?” For her, she will lose it once the meds kick in. For others it’s a lifestyle change and for most it’s just plain old having our metabolism slowing down and it drives us crazy! Most women don’t have enough clothing cash to throw out the door every time we gain 5 or 10 pounds. Here are a few suggestions that might help get you through the tough days. And believe me we all have them!

  1. I always say “Less is More” ~ Go through your trousers first. Find the 3 pairs you wear the most and have them altered to fit you the way you are right now ~ today~ you can always alter them back to YOUR favorite size.
  2. Follow up with skirts, dresses, blouses and blazers. ~ this should give you 7-10 items that can be adjusted at the waist/hips/hem etc.
  3. Blouses are the toughest items to alter. Most designs do not give you enough extra fabric to play with. I suggest run to Old Navy, Kohls, even Target and grab 3-5 T’s and Blouses that can take you through 6 months. You won’t pay an arm and a leg and you can play each of these pieces up with accessories, blazers, jean jackets and leather. (That you have in your closet).
  4. Don’t throw anything away when you are working with weight gain or loss. Most of us are creatures of passion and you do not want to regret getting rid of something because you are upset. There is time to purge and clean, just not right now. Save the purge for a different time.
  5. Settle down. Breathe. This is life and loving yourself the way you are in the present can be the best gift we give ourselves. Be patient and know this too shall pass & all women and even men go through these phases.


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