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  • Let It Snow~

    Holiday’s are here and we are celebrating! Today I want to give you all a few tips on how to stay “IN Style” while we RUSH around with family and friends, eating and drinking and being MERRY!

    Some of you are working right up to the hour of Christmas Eve or heading straight to different friends and family for festive dinners and traditions. It continues, if not nightly, then weekly and we definitely feel a bit RUSHED and frantic.

    It is hard to keep our STYLE about us sometimes but with these few beauty and fashion tips, you can confidently leave the house in the morning and feel GREAT all day long.


    HANDS & FEET  TO Hair and LIPS ~ If you are like me, I forget to lather up at night or book that mani ~ pedi in time for events. Here are 3 tips to keep yourself feeling energized and SOFT from head to TOES.

    1. Winter time is the perfect time for cracked and dry scaley skin. One trick for nails …

    After your shower, push your cuticles down with a wash cloth or nail tool and clip cuticle skin if you have time. Apply cuticle ointment onto nail and cuticles before lotion (keeping the ointment in your purse for hourly applications). After your lotion application spritz your hands and feet with Lavendar water or peppermint (each gives you a soothing or energetic feel) respectively. A splash of ‘clear polish on toes and finger nails and you are very good to go.



    1. With Dry or Humid Winter weather, our hair gets stressed and dry. Tips from the trade…Wash your hair only every other day or every 3rd Condition after washing is a crucial part even if your hair is thin and oily. My favorite find a few years back was the “Big and Sexy” Brand of Dry Shampoo. Even after your first wash if you want to give your hair a bit of a lift, Spray this on at the roots and fluff! If there is no time for your color appointment, L’oreal has a new product our called Magic Root cover up in the little Turquoise can. Ponytails and Bobby Pinned ends is a great way to show a bit of flare when you have no time for an updo.


    1. LIPS ~ Pucker UP! Lather your kiss with chap stick or ointment constantly!!! Remember to scrub your lips after your shower with a washcloth to get rid of flaky, dry lips. Lip Gloss and Matts are the rage (I think they always are). So go bold or beige but always wear something to show style and confidence.






    1. COLD OR WARM ~ Whatever the climate, dressing in the winter can be a chore. Trying to stay warm but LOOK GREAT~ throw on a cashmere poncho or scarf. This gives any outfit the finished look you want and you will feel warm and Stylish, no matter the day.
    2. Dress down days ~ Denim can go to almost any occasion. Jeans are filling the pages of magazines and runways of fashion houses and stores are stock full of the tried and true BLUE. I get asked so often “what is the style in jeans now”. My reply ~ “truly, anything goes. High waisted to ankle bootcuts. Skinny’s with destressed areas to sleek and clean shades of denim. The only look to stay away from is the ACID WASHED 1980’s style. This is a MUST GO!!!!!
    3. When having to do the cocktail dinner or party and the weather is frigid, go for the over the knee boot with any dress and load on the fur!!! Body suits are a go-to also for fun cocktail attire and you can jazz this up with a stiletto heeled boot to stay warm and dry.

    MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER WHEN THIS TIME OF YEAR HAPPENS UPON US SO FAST ~ This too shall pass, so enjoy the time you have with family and friends and do not sweat the SMALL STUFF!!!!


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Three Blooms & Runway Consulting. We are excited to bring you into our family this next year with exciting New Products and fashion tips and tricks


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