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Are travel plans on the horizon for you? Is your Holiday destination going to be an escape from the kitchen for a relaxing Mimosa at your favorite Beach or perhaps a show in Las Vegas or New York? Whether it’s a long weekend or a weeklong vacation spot, we have the essentials so you can dress for that walk on the beach and that night on the town with your carry-on or suitcase.

From Barbados to Positano, Laguna Beach to Sidney, wherever your destination may be the Animapop Brand will more than suit your needs. Reversible clothing that doesn’t need a lot of attention is the best idea on the market right now. Animapop started with their low maintenance, soft, lightweight Neoprene fabrics and expanded to a jersey blend for this Fall season. Three Blooms is offering both fabrics in skirts, dresses & gauchos. So instead of laying out all your outfits for the exciting journey away, why not grab your 2-3 pieces of Animapop, toss in a couple t-shirts and wrap & Voila! You are set for 5-7 days and still have room in your carryon! There’s no steaming or ironing required, just roll it up, tuck it away and once you arrive at your Top Spot your outfit is ready to hit the streets. And with the Neoprene fabric, the cleaning is quick & easy. Wash it in a sink, let it air dry for 15-20 minutes, (time enough for that Mimosa), and Viola you’re ready to go again in a totally new print!

If your destination highlights food (Positano’s pasta for one) your Animapop item never loses its shape and always gives you that fresh never worn look as you go from day to day.

As you scroll through the many styles and looks we offer - enter “Relax” to claim your 20% off many of the Animapop styles I’ve selected from New arrivals to our regular stock. Grab your look now before the New Year begins!

Enjoy and if you get close to a Palm Tree ~ Send us a photo! Three Blooms will send you a gift J


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