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Happy Birthday USA, Still a Youngster in Age and Spirit


Everywhere we go we're reminded of the specialness of this day for those of us in the United States.  As I was preparing my thoughts for this week's blog I noticed more and more of the women around town are showing their loyalty to our founding fathers and to our country in their patriotic dress.  Yes, everyone's holidays, whether in the US or outside the US is reminded of how special their part of the world is for them and what their roots are.  For us it means our independence from oppressive governments and what better way to celebrate that than some new clothes, (actually everyone can really celebrate this idea because of the amazing world we all live in).

Everyone's planning parades, BBQ's, backyard parties, sharing friendships, smiles and welcome respites from work.  This brings back wonderful memories of my childhood when family and friends would come over for hotdogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob and delicious watermelon in anticipation of the fireworks soon to come.  As soon as the sun set and dusk approached Papa would start the fireworks and they'd continue until it was too dark to see.  As the middle child I got to watch my older siblings love/hate relationship with clothes.  We'd plan for the 4th celebration weeks in advance because everything had to be just perfect.  Shorts with blouses and T-shirts were the default for most of my friends and sisters but a few of us, like myself, had that favorite dress which fit just right.  Then there were the swimming pools or in some parts of the country the swimming hole to cool off from the summer heat.  But in everything we had red white and blue colours and our flip flops, sneakers and sunhats to complete our ensemble.  What fun!

Fast forward a number of years, styles may change but two things seem to remain, concept and fit.  The concept is still a celebration of our & your (wherever you are from) country and the fit.  Remember you still want to look like you "rule the world".  Now I'm seeing more and more women choose a dress to "dress" for the occasion whether it's that perfect "casual" look or the semi-formal look.  Doesn't that dress just make us women look and feel pretty?  From shift styles to wraps or shirtwaist dresses to maxi's, they all have their place in our hearts and in our closets!  As we talked in our last blog, "the perfect fit", it's the fit that says the most and I just love how we women have found ways of becoming ever stronger partners and contributors in this world and still keep our feminine and elegance without compromise. 

Now Girls ~ bring out the dress! Pick it for that BBQ, backyard party, concert or parade. Choose colour, a big smile and remember the fit! Enjoy your 4th of July!

Here are some tips and photos to relax with as you get ready for some time off!!! 

  1. Sun Hat!!!
  2. Sunscreen (sunburn red is not a good colour)
  3. Flip flops or sneakers
  4. Lip palm or gloss (gotta stay soft)
  5. Bracelets (wraps & cuffs and load them on)!
  6. The little floral, stripe or brightly colored dress, that keeps you cool and looks elegant because it fits so well


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