Friday's Favorites - 3/23/2018

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  • This week we decided to Hit the Weekend running. If you are like us, the weekends include a full breakfast, lots of coffee, comfort in our clothing and spending the days outside doing something!

    We are lucky to live in Colorado. Our weather may be a bit colder in the winter and include a few snowstorms but you never know when a 75 degree day will pop up from a chilly 45o morning randomly surprising you. This weekend is giving us just that! So, after our intense breakfast and coffee we’ll be outside with dogs and friends enjoying nature.

    With this in mind for the very near future, we decided to pick our best weekend fashions and share them with you.

    Wooden Ships is the brand of choice for Friday’s Favorites!

    With every brand Three Blooms carries, we like to provide a little historical perspective on their origins.

    The story behind the beautiful company known as Wooden Ships, is an experience all by itself.

    It began 25 years ago when Colombian-born designer Paola Buenda and her husband, Mark Donovan, met as undergraduates at Harvard. On the heels of a four-month backpacking trip to Bali, they founded Wooden Ships in NYC in 1992, two years after graduation.

    As Paola recounts, Wooden Ships began with the merging of many life-long loves, namely literature, travel, fashion and the environment. In 1992, with a journal and pile of books in her backpack she set off to see the world starting with a trip to Indonesia to see the rain forest and Orangutans of Borneo.  It was so compelling and beautiful, well … basically she never left Indonesia. Paola realized fashion could be more than a passion, it could be a way of life. When Paola returned home she and her husband, Mark, started Wooden Ships.

    Along with designing the BEST quality, softest yarns & unique designs, (we believe at Three Blooms anyway), they are also wild about coffee, wonderful foods, spontaneous road trips, long novels and great music. They are passionate about friends, family, community, taking care of our planet and giving back. Wooden Ships donates to causes that are important to them. They donate to EarthJustice, Sea Shepherd Int.,Avaaz, Organic Consumers Or., International Anti-Poaching Foundation and many more. In 2014 Wooden Ships participated in a program to help the orangutans and the rain forest in Indonesia. Together with over 90,000 Avaaz members, $1 million was raised to buy a 389-acre chunk of rainforest in Borneo. This helped protect 700 of the world’s last remaining endangered Bornean Orangutans. This was the reason Paola came to Indonesia in the first place. Wooden Ships also gives back by giving back to the Bali community by having everything produced in the facility there. They invest time in each worker to provide them with new skills. Besides a wonderful benefit package to their workers, they are very proud that 60% of the knitters are women. Moving forward to grow the mind set there.

    We are very fortunate and excited to be a part of this wonderful family. To share and introduce the Wooden Ships Collection for Spring 2018.

    Come join us for Three Blooms Boutique’s Friday’s Favorites

    Grab your Coffee & Enjoy…



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