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  • Cashmere by Alashan Designs

    Today we are going to continue our “Brand” story with Alashan Cashmere. When I was young and in school my love & passion were textiles and fashion. So, when I find a fabric that distracts me from my day to day busy life its usually because that fabric has the touch and feel of the softest most luxurious hand I’ve ever felt and I must have it. Finding the Alashan Company was just that kind of experience.  With them I can give each of you that cozy elegant experience in the toppers they offer and I promise you’ll never want to take it off.

    Alashan Cashmere Company was founded in early 2004 by Donald Fox. Donald had spent the prior 11 years at one of the most respected cashmere companies in the world - Forte Cashmere Company. Using the skills and knowledge gained from years of trading in cashmere raw materials and finished cashmere products it was an easy decision to start the Alashan Cashmere Company when Forte Cashmere closed their doors in 2004.

    The name Alashan refers to an area of western Inner Mongolia Province, China, (the Alashan region).  The combination of climate, geography and diet, create the ideal circumstances for the finest cashmere and camel hair the world has ever seen. The goats and camels from this region produce the most highly sought after fiber in all of China. Many producers seek to add Alashan cashmere and camel hair to their product lines. The garments, knit or woven, made from Alashan fiber have an unrivaled softness and durability.


    Our goal at Three Blooms Online Boutique is to give our customers Comfort & Elegance in each of our Brands. Mixing the Alashan Toppers with our Silk & Cotton T’s from Rosemunde will complete your look and make you feel beautiful, eloquent and so so comfortable, all day long.

    This October Sunday with a seasonal crispness in the air, all of us at Three Blooms want to offer you the Alashan Brand at a 15% discount to enjoy.

    Enter “COZY” in the discount box at checkout.


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