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As we dive into our Brands and what we are offering our customers, I would like to say Three Blooms has intentionally selected brands that exemplify high quality, value & beauty. Last week we gave you some insights about the Rosemunde Brand out of Denmark and the luxurious fabrics and styles Rosemunde uses in each piece. This week we are telling the story of Animapop. Animapop has chosen to specialize in bringing luxury, elegance and variety to the reversible dress making it the # 1 reversible dress and it’s here to stay. This company which was founded in Italy and grown to worldwide reach, is the 2nd Designer brand featured here at Three Blooms Boutique. Animapop came up with a concept of the reversible dress and expanded on this idea to bring a reversible product that feels luxurious, is light weight will last for years, a seeming oxymoron for sure. Coming up with a neoprene fabric that is soft and comfortable to wear was the first challenge. The next challenge was to make this fabric into styles the women of today want to be seen in and feel great after hours of wear. Once they mastered the dress then came the skirts, pants, jackets & tops. Designing and producing the prints you see, was completed just over 5 years ago. As the company moves forward you will begin to see more fabrics being introduced to the Collections. This Fall we offer the jersey/crepe textile and mixing it with neoprene resulting in more variety of quality reversible products that go anywhere anytime.

As we traveled around to choose the very products Three Blooms offers, Animapop was a “given” from the start. Giving our customers the beautiful designs and textiles we carry from around the world has come a LOVE to us here at Three Blooms Online Boutique.

As you scroll through the many photos of Animapop designs and patterns we carry at Three Blooms, try to see and feel the idea behind the scenes in Italy as they make these exceptional pieces.

Thank you for spending your Sunday morning with us at Three Blooms ~



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