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Blue Canoe –

Today we are going to talk about our Blue Canoe Brand of women’s clothing.  This amazing brand is included in our online women’s boutique because it offers a kind of luxurious comfort we believe women deserve.  I’m sure you all remember some of the styles we’ve all bought because they were the “NEW” trend and the “Must Have” style but they were so uncomfortable?  I’ll bet you still have some of those styles in your closet now.  I remember the first Levi’s brand of jeans I ever bought with the heavy starched cotton fiber that just didn’t bend very well and all your movements were constricted until the 1,000th washing……. just uncomfortable.  Then by the end of the 1st hour they’re all stretched out and you had to wash them to shrink back into shape.  After the dryer was done with them you were putting on that familiar cardboard pant you learned to love ...NOT!!! BUT at least we looked awesome! I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

35 years later, look what technology and industry have accomplished.

Blue Canoe – Comfort & lifestyle designs for every woman. They have chosen to make their product form a combination of Organic Bamboo and Organic Cotton which has the effect of giving you the most comfort, like the 1,000th washing, while still maintaining the new look and feel we so desire. Dresses to sweaters, T-shirts & leggings to workout gear and more. Every style you wear of Blue Canoe’s products will look and feel great the entire time you are in them!

Here is what Laurie Dunlap has to say about her company:

Laurie Dunlap began Blue Canoe in 1994 with a clear vision—to create organic clothing made in the USA that would fit the way women really lived. As a women-owned and run company, we knew what our customers were looking for—it was what we wanted for ourselves.

We focused on effortlessly stylish and versatile designs in high-quality fabrics that feel good next to your skin. We combined functional with beautiful. We believed women should be able to dress once and go through the day. Our customers agreed. And the line and the business grew.

Today Blue Canoe is thriving in San Francisco where we manufacture a full line of timeless, eco-friendly clothing and lingerie. We remain committed to using the finest fabrics, manufacturing from start to finish in the USA, and designing for the real world with simple lines, sensuous fabrics and sophisticated styles that are never fussy.

Natural fibers, natural comfort, natural beauty. Organic cotton and organic bamboo are the hallmark of Blue Canoe—the heart of everything we do. Simply put, they’re good for the world.

Our cotton and bamboo are grown without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Then, only the most gentle, nontoxic dyes are used. So plants, animals and people are protected. The result? Fabrics that are inherently soft, fluid and breathable, even in the warmest weather.

You will feel good wearing Blue Canoe and feel good choosing Blue Canoe. Many of our customers have chemical sensitivities and need to know specifics about what our fabrics and trims are made of. We strive to make our clothing as pure and allergy-free as possible while still producing functional, contemporary styles with mainstream appeal.

Made in the USA

Blue Canoe is a company that not only offers life style clothing, it specializes in underpinnings in its own fabulous Bamboo and Cotton fabrics. The Yoga bras, thongs and panties are perfect for the women on the go. The bra’s come in different styling and colors as do the panties. If this is a category you would be interested in purchasing on Three Bloom’s, please reach out and let us know. Our email address is the best way to make comments and give your feedback.

Here are some photos of the New arrivals and continuous staples offered in our boutique.

These are just a few of the lifestyle designs offered by Blue Canoe. Come join and see the many more designs in yoga pants to cardigans and more.






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