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Monday’s With Mel


Our journey at Three Blooms began 5 years ago when we decided it was important to offer women all over the US the same Comfort & Elegance you find in the high-end clothing stores at an affordable price. I have spent my career as a manufacturer’s representative researching the best and living with it.  When I left the "road" to start Three Blooms online Boutique I wanted to make it that special boutique which gives the woman a place to find the luxurious, contemporary clothing & accessories that will withstand the test of time.

Luxury is a gift we can give ourselves every day with the apparel and accessories we wear.  Finding a fashion style that oozes luxury, without breaking the bank, is a bit of a challenge. That is where my years in the industry has paid off. I do the research for you which brings to you the luxurious feeling in the clothing we offer. Contemporary clothing of today is a testament to the imagination of the designers and the advances of new technology as it applies to functional fabric. The sign of a great manufacturer is when they marry true functionality of everyday living to the luxury of the classic designs.  I love it when this all comes together, and the designer’s imagination stands the test of time.  The icing on the cake is when value & quality are combined to create an exceptional feel and look.

In this week's blog I want to address a very important aspect of that Luxurious Comfort I've been talking about ~ our Blooms Bra brand.

About 1 year ago our Family came together to build a brand that is growing by leaps and bounds. The idea of a bra that will give a woman a sense of security and at the same time be comfortable in the average working day experience whether at home or in the office seemed a difficult task.  So many of the strapless bras today truly are good enough for that special occasion but wearing them all day, let alone every day just isn't something to look forward to.  The contemporary clothing of today has so many different looks it seems as if you need a dozen different bra styles to make every outfit look good.   

Monday’s Question Answered !!!

 “What bra should I wear with this?”  

By combining the best medical grade self-adhesive to a truly great bra design we created a super starting point.  Then we removed the self-adhesive from the area around the nipple so there is no sticky feeling or pulling on that sensitive area, after an 8-9 hour event.  And finally, we give you a full cup, instead of a partial ill-fitting cup and covered it with the silkiest of fabrics and you end up with, what we believe, is the best bra in the industry. This bra can be worn over & over again without losing its grip and with absolutely every type of garment in the industry because the lines don't show and there's no straps or bands to limit your style. Simply hand wash and let it air dry and off you go again the next day.  By the way, while it's drying use the Petal in the evening, under that favorite Tee in case someone unexpected comes to the door.  You'll be comfortable and relaxed and they'll never know the difference.

Three Blooms wanted to offer the woman something that she could wear with anything she has in her closet and anything she might buy from us.

Here are a few photos of the “Best Bra for every outfit” ~

Follow us next week for another AMAZING brand we at brings to you!


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