Back to School ~ What bag are you toting?

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Back to School ~ What bag are you toting?

There is something in the air this time of year as school begins, fall fashions burst into boutiques and the cooler evenings whisk in…..It’s a memory or a feeling that takes hold. For some, it’s the beginning of school – new books, new supplies and new clothes.  For others, it’s the changing of the season, new layers and different hand bags as the nights begin cooling off and in the higher altitudes, the colors begin to change.  For those of us with youngsters our time is now in short supply just when we need a little extra for the changing of the seasons. Do you all feel it?

There is so much to talk about this time of year. In Fashion, it’s the busiest time for retailers as new merchandise lands at their doors. For Manufacturers, it’s the time of year for Spring ’18 Collections to pop up at the designer Shows, and then you have the designers, well…. They’re working on collections for 2020.

For families, it’s back to school, mom’s and dad’s planning out carpools, soccer, volleyball, field hockey Peewee football and the like. For single’s and young marrieds, time is spent regrouping for the new line up of concerts, shopping for Fall wardrobes and planning life around a very busy work schedule.

I love this time of year. I truly love the start of all NEW seasons. But Fall has something special that I can’t put my finger on. Well, yes I can….

Fall means a NEW handbag! It started for me, at the age of 5. Kindergarten and backpacks, pencil bags and Elmer’s Glue.

Junior High was the leather backpack, while High School meant a new, fashionable Tote! This took me to College and time in Paris! Now that was the icing on the cake. At the “mature” age of 19 I knew I was in trouble after seeing first-hand what “fashion” meant at the center of it all, Paris, France.

Today, I want to share my experiences and finds with all of you. I love being able to offer comfort & elegance in everything Three Blooms carries. This time of year, the days are hot but the nights are cool. Our Handbags must carry our essentials, but they also need to carry that cashmere throw or light weight jacket to layer as the evenings grow cooler and we welcome Fall. I hope you find the Fall Collection of Handbags at Three Blooms a blast to your past and memories of “Back to School”.

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