NECKLINES: What shape should YOU be wearing?

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Every woman is beautiful. Physically and Emotionally, when we feel good, we radiate beauty.

Why not pronounce this beauty with a little help from what we wear.

Our faces are made up of many angles or curves, just like our bodies. We should always try on garments when we are buying clothing......Why not give your face the same time that we do our body shapes.

Here are a few dips to think about when you are in the dressing room and closets.

Round faces~ A lower scoop or square neckline will show off your jawline. This choice will also give you an appearance of height and lengthen your neckline.

Oval shapes can do a number of necklines~ You lucky girl. Crewnecks, scoops, square shapes a shorter V shape will be complimentary for you. Love a collar on this face shape because it shortens a longer appearance. BE careful around Deep V-necks as this will pull your oval shape down instead of up. A little trick, if you have a deep V-neck garment, make sure you i have a bare arm. This will take your eye away from too much length on your face.

Square faces can mix it up ~ Most square shape faces have GREAT cheekbones. Show them off. Any neck shape that is pulled down and away from your collarbone is beautiful. If you are self conscience about your neck, wrap a light weight scar around it to lengthen and hide ;)

Diamond or Heart shape faces are usually petite and pretty. Your necklines should radiate the same. With notice at your chin, choose medium scoop necks or shorter collars. A very deep V neck is gorgeous on you as you will highlight your neckline and EYES :)

Enjoy Everyone, and remember to send any comments or questions to and

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