HEM LENGTHS....... The Age Old Question.

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Moving forward is never an option. When the option comes to fashion, life never stands still. Learning from our past and taking that knowledge into our day to day lives is a must.

Hem lengths seems to be the topic of every seasons interests. From the Maxi's at the turn of the 20th Century to above the knee in the 1920's. The conservative 30's to a bit longer in the 40's. The introduction of Women's pants in the 1950's to " MOVE over baby, let's be Free" in the 60's. 

2015 allows a women's freedom and choice to be the winner. A woman knows her body better now than ever before. BIG question, if you have the LEG? Show it off. 

The fashion industry is offering lengths for everyone. We have a micro mini, mini, above the knee, below the knee, mid calf, T length, Ankle and MAXI. 

Micro Mini's..... for the 20 year old to the Adult with AMAZING legs

MINI's..... for the 20-30-40's even 50 year old's with those amazing legs or layer with leggings and jeans.

Above the knee.....Again the 20's & 30's can get a way with anything ;) If you have GREAT knees, Go for this look.

Below the knee..... especially in a pencil skirt. This look is flattering on most everyone at any age. If you want it to flow a bit more off the hip, DO IT!!

Mid Calf.....Any age and any height. If you are a bit shorter, I would suggest you show this length with a bit more heel! 

T Length.....LOVE IT FOR ANYONE. This Falls designs offer quite a bit of this length. Have fun shopping or dusting off the styles you once wore.

Maxi.....MY Favorite. Anyone can look elegant in a maxi. If you are shorter, I still recommend you enjoy this look. For you, I would look for the Halter or racer-back style. This effect will lengthen the total look.

PANTS-The age old question applies to Pants as well. SKINNY, ANKLE, BOOT CUT to Flair. ENJOY!!!

If you feel goo....., JUST DANCE!!!!!!




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