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As the days start to heat up, our hair, makeup & skin start to melt.

Here is how to stay fresh even when we hit 100 degrees:

When attempting a flawless faux glow.........WE are all going to glow, SO, pack a little bag of astringent wipes or toner (Cliniques Clarifying lotion or Korres makeup removing wipes.) Quick and easy, blot at the corners of your nose, between your eye brows, under your chin and up to the lips. Grab your hydrating foundation serum, any BB cream (tinted) will do, wet a sponge and apply the cream lightly on those areas. At the same time take your finger and swipe over your eyelid to remove any creases of shadow. Add a touch of Gloss to your lips and you are ready to keep moving throughout the day and night. ALWAYS use waterproof mascara! Spray DRY shampoo at your roots & you are GOOD TO GO!



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