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A woman’s day starts when she leaves in the morning and returns in the evening or at night-30.  A woman must stay organized and one way to do this is to carry THE TOTE.  Our necessities can range from phone, wallet, tablet, makeup bag, or cheerios, toys and even diapers.  If 2015 was the year of the dress then 2016 has to be the year of the bag. As I have shopped and researched the perfect bag for the last 35 years my adventures have led me to believe THE TOTE is the most functional accessory a woman can have. With THE TOTE, I can dash in and out of my car knowing I have all the appropriate necessities for the day.


In years past, it was appropriate to match your handbag to your shoes, in 2016 anything goes.  Accent w/ color, size or design. Handbags can be seen in leather, tapestry or polyester and in all shapes and sizes. 


As for shoes ~ well that’s another blog, Oh how I love my shoes. 


Things to remember when purchasing a handbag

  • Size matters. Remember don’t ever let your handbag weigh you down. Make sure the size of the handbag doesn’t engulf your frame
  • Price is subjective. In my research, handbags can range from $40-$2,000 or more.  Shop at your comfort level
  • Style must haves …..
    • TOTE ~satchel ~clutch in 2 sizes & ~wallet

At Three Blooms Boutique our Spring 2016 handbag collection will be live soon.  We will offer leather, faux leather, and colors/styles to suit all needs.  At Three Blooms our prices are always friendly

~Comfort & Elegance~


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